New Cafe Hours!

Starting September 4th, 2017 the Café in the Woods will be closed on Mondays.

The new hours will be 8am to 4pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Panama Damarli Estate Coffee


This exquisite coffee hails from the Ruiz family’s estate in the lushly volcanic Boquete region of western Panama’s green mountain highlands.
Mukilteo Coffee Roasters was fortunate to purchase the entire crop of this small, award winning farm.
This rare coffee presents a cup that is sweet, silky and full-bodied, with a rich soft creamy character and pleasant mild acidity. It displays notes of chocolate, dark nougat, honey and praline.


Northwest Legends: Monorail Espresso

“I don’t know what kind of magic they’re using behind the counter, but Monorail has the best espresso I’ve ever had!” – a recent Monorail customer

MonoFirstCart1980The coffee legacy of Seattle can trace a piece of its rich roots to pioneer Chuck Beek for setting up his espresso cart (one of the nation’s first) on December 1, 1980, under Seattle Center’s Monorail.  This iconic enterprise has become synonymous with excellent, award-winning coffee backed by a huge Seattle history, and we love being their coffee roaster. What began as an experiment to see whether there was a market for espresso sold on the street became an avidly celebra1c7439b7213c0b5a1e5e85afa1983c39ted enterprise, and today you will find Monorail Espresso‘s snappy walk-up window tucked into Pike Street in downtown Seattle.  This place is exquisitely popular and the city’s arguably friendliest, most-skilled baristas treat their coffee and customers with an absolute passion for perfection.  A second location opened its doors in the lobby of the Columbia Center in 2015, further showcasing their custom concoctions and coffee-drinking staples that are flat-out as good as coffee gets.

The full circle of coffee craft came together earlier this year for Monorail owMonoMukCostaner Aimee Peck and two of her amazing colleagues, who accompanied Mukilteo’s Beth Smith and Nisa Heggenes on our annual farm visit to Costa Rica. “This was so important for them to see what we are all about!” said Beth. “When our customers get to see and feel first hand the beautiful coffee at the farm, and spend time getting to know how incredibly hard-working and dedicated these farmers are: it’s powerful stuff.”

The Muk-Monorail team spent several days hosted by our friends Luz Marina Trujillo and husband Jim Stewart at each of their farms: picking coffee shortly after sunrise on Jim’s wild and CostaViewwonderful Finca El Gato, then experiencing the elegance and beauty of Santa Elena Estate, the pride of Luz Marina, at the height of her coffee harvesting/processing season.

When in Seattle, stop by our friends at Monorail Espresso and experience first-hand what makes a coffee legend: passion, pride, persistence…and above all: never ever compromising on the quest for always producing the perfect cup.  Enjoy!

(P.S. if you want  to savor our award-winning Monorail signature blend from home, feel free to purchase it here.)





Company Spotlight: Meet Debbie

Deb Torget has been the President and General Manager here at Mukilteo Coffee Roasters since 2013. When Gary walked into her world and offered the opportunity to join this incredible family: she was thrilled. Since then, her enthusiasm and passion for the company, its people, and its coffee continues to grow and deepen.

She wears many hats: from managing production & personnel, to roasting coffee, to learning more every day about the incredible nuances of our coffees. “The thing about Mukilteo Coffee,” she says, “is this place has soul. Everyone every day does what needs to be done; and the company we keep is absolutely real. We work hard and we work together. The complete care for what we do and how we do it couldn’t happen without the support and devotion we have for one another. This is an exceptional community that’s been created from within these beautiful woods.”

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Company Spotlight: Meet Brenna

Brenna Nichols has worked at Mukilteo Coffee for just about five years (she was 12 when she started… kidding!). You’ve probably seen her working as a barista at the cafe counter, but what you might not have known is that Brenna is our official Coffee and Espresso Specialist, which has her doing a lot more than slinging espresso.

“I make sure that we’re all a team,” she says, “and that we all work together, so we’re serving the coffee & food just right. I do what I can to make sure that people are happy and inspired. I can’t do my job well without them doing their jobs well, and vice versa. I also do a lot of the training for the people who are making coffee.” Read More