Company Spotlight: Meet Brenna

Our Coffee and Espresso Specialist, Brenna Nichols

Brenna Nichols has worked at Mukilteo Coffee for just about five years (she was 12 when she started… kidding!). You’ve probably seen her working as a barista at the cafe counter, but what you might not have known is that Brenna is our official Coffee and Espresso Specialist, which has her doing a lot more than slinging espresso.

“I make sure that we’re all a team,” she says, “and that we all work together, so we’re serving the coffee & food just right. I do what I can to make sure that people are happy and inspired. I can’t do my job well without them doing their jobs well, and vice versa. I also do a lot of the training for the people who are making coffee.”

“We’re really passionate here about the roasting process. You can’t have a good cup of coffee without the coffee itself being handled properly.” -Brenna

What does Brenna like most about working at the Muk?

“Definitely the owners and being able to know them personally. Gary has been roasting for so many years, and Beth has been doing espresso for so many years, which makes them a great team. And also the coffee: working with these owners and with this coffee is the best thing ever!”

During her down time, Brenna and her husband like to take it easy or go for hikes around the Northwest. She recently traveled to Costa Rica to visit Santa Elena Coffee Farm, which is one of Mukilteo Coffees’ farmers. One day she’d like to visit Africa and see the coffee farms there.

“I really enjoy Kenyan coffee, it’s definitely one of my favorites. I’d love to go to Africa, to see firsthand how this excellent coffee is grown and enjoy the incredible beauty of the country.”


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