Company Spotlight: Meet Debbie

Our General Manager, Debbie Torget

Deb Torget has been the President and General Manager here at Mukilteo Coffee Roasters since 2013. When Gary walked into her world and offered the opportunity to join this incredible family: she was thrilled. Since then, her enthusiasm and passion for the company, its people, and its coffee continues to grow and deepen.

She wears many hats: from managing production & personnel, to roasting coffee, to learning more every day about the incredible nuances of our coffees. “The thing about Mukilteo Coffee,” she says, “is this place has soul. Everyone every day does what needs to be done; and the company we keep is absolutely real. We work hard and we work together. The complete care for what we do and how we do it couldn’t happen without the support and devotion we have for one another. This is an exceptional community that’s been created from within these beautiful woods.”

“We are driven by excellence and integrity every step of the way. From the moment our green coffee is sourced to the moment it reaches roasted perfection… in the end: we want the passion of our farmers, and our passion to craft beautiful and exceptional coffee, to be celebrated every time.” -Deb

When she’s not working hard at the roastery, Deb and her husband are active in the outdoors and in the Whidbey Island community. Deb is an island girl, born and raised. She’s lived on Whidbey for 48 years and is now enjoying life with the newest island girl in her life: granddaughter Khali Rae .

“Without a doubt”, she says,”I’m very blessed to live on this island and to work where there are real values around caring for each other, for what we do, and for our family of friends here and around the world. I absolutely love it!”



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