Company Spotlight: Meet Brenna

Brenna Nichols has worked at Mukilteo Coffee for just about five years (she was 12 when she started… kidding!). You’ve probably seen her working as a barista at the cafe counter, but what you might not have known is that Brenna is our official Coffee and Espresso Specialist, which has her doing a lot more than slinging espresso.

“I make sure that we’re all a team,” she says, “and that we all work together, so we’re serving the coffee & food just right. I do what I can to make sure that people are happy and inspired. I can’t do my job well without them doing their jobs well, and vice versa. I also do a lot of the training for the people who are making coffee.” Read More

Visiting Santa Elena

GlisteningCherriesInHandMukilteo Coffee Roasters has been purchasing coffees directly from the growers at Santa Elena Coffee Farm in Costa Rica since 2010. Buying directly from the farmers allows us to have more input into the taste and quality of the coffee. While this may seem obvious, it’s not standard in an industry where brokers normally serve as middle men between international growers and sellers here in the U.S.

“It works out really well,” says our Founder, Gary Smith. “We can see where our coffee is being grown, we can see their practices and make sure there aren’t chemicals or pesticides being used, and we’re able to work closely with the growers to produce an incredible product.”

But the quality of the coffee isn’t the only benefit of buying farm-direct. Read More