Yellow & Red Bourbon Coffee from Antigua, Guatemala

Mukilteo Coffee Roasters Presents:
Two Exquisite Coffees from Antigua, Guatemala

These exquisite Yellow & Red Bourbon (pronounced boor ● BONE) varietals hail from the renowned coffee producing region of Antigua, Guatemala. Mukilteo Coffee Roasters is proud to present both coffees that we personally selected while visiting the magnificent Bella Carmona Farm, owned by the the Zelaya family. For three generations they have produced extraordinary coffee, grown chemical, and pesticide free.

Red Bourbon is full bodied luxury, with an intensely complex flavor and great dimension. This Bourbon explodes on the palate with dark chocolate and endless shades of tropical hardwood. Order your Red Bourbon here

Yellow Bourbon embodies the essence of Antigua, its taste is refined, winy, supple and sweet. Piquantly spicy, this is a stylish and sophisticated cup of coffee. Order your Yellow Bourbon here

We invite you to experience the one of a kind taste of the tropical highlands of Antigua.

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