Our Farmers

Our Family of Farmers

At Mukilteo Coffee Roasters, we believe in sourcing exceptional coffees directly from farmers who share our passion for perfection. In journeying to these farms, we witness where and how our coffees are grown, experiencing first-hand the incredible dedication our farmers have for their craft and crops.  In turn, they embrace our complete commitment as stewards of excellence from their field, to our roaster, to your cup.

Our way of business relies upon developing personal and honest partnerships with farmers that share our goal to provide some of the world’s finest sustainably grown coffee, produced by some of the world’s finest farmers. And we wouldn’t dream of doing business in any other way.

Santa Elena, Costa Rica
Santa-ElenaThis elegant estate in the Tarrazu region presents sunny days, cool nights, volcanic soils at 5000 feet where the mountains touch the sky, and the absolute dedication of third-generation coffee farmer Luz Marina Trujillo.  The coffees of Santa Elena mirror the character of its owner, both celebrated for their impeccable class, quality and sophistication.


Santa Leticia, El Salvador
Santa-Leticia-ownerThis venerable coffee estate, founded in 1873, rests high in the Ilamatepec Mountains in the town Apaneca. The farm has been owned and managed by five generations of the Valdivieso family, who are meticulous custodians of their exceptional coffee legacy. The Valdivieso heritage of excellence produces wonderful coffee varieties that are resonant of the land and its curators.


Culpan, Guatemala
Culpan-workerDon Francisco Ocheita founded the magnificent Culpan Estate over a century ago in the stunning foothills of the Santiaguito Volcano. Today, his fifth generation descendants maintain an unparalleled tradition of care as meticulous custodians of heritage, excellence, and responsibility.   Longtime advocates of sustainable growing and harvesting techniques, Culpan produces distinctive and highly prized coffee year after year.


Rio Colorado, Guatemala
RioColoradoLocated within the rolling hills of the Palencia region, Senor Jose Colom created this beautiful family farm in 1950, becoming nationally honored as a “Keeper of the Trees” for his devoted care of the land and its natural resources.  Rio Colorado coffees are grown with the native shade-providing forest as a foundation, and Senor Colom’s daughter and her family work tirelessly to expand and enhance their heritage of coffee-producing excellence.


Bella Carmona, Guatemala
Finca Carmona is one of the most highly regarded coffee farms in the glorious region of Antigua.  Its highland hills receive regular dustings of ash from the nearby Volcán de Agua. A home built there for the Guatemalan president in 1919 still stands on the estate, serving as the farm’s main house. The finca’s third generation matriach, Maria Zelaya Aguirre, has invested her lifetime in producing extraordinary coffee varietals.


Ruiz Family Damarli Estate, Panama

The Ruiz family has been cultivating, harvesting, and processing exquisite traditional coffee varietals for nearly 100 years in the lushly beautiful Boquete region of western Panama’s green mountain highlands. Upon the verdant slopes of the Volcán Barú, the Pech/Ruiz-owned Damarli Estate has been meticulously cared for by the family, now in its fifth generation as coffee producers.