The Perfect Cup

Our Quest for the “Perfect Cup”

The perfect cup of coffee is different for everyone. Here at Mukilteo Coffee, we believe the perfect cup depends on how and where the coffee is grown, how it is handled and harvested, how it is roasted, and, ultimately, how it is prepared and served.

Our approach is based on the belief that coffee roasting is an artisan craft which requires a human touch to achieve the best results. By sight roasting in our three vintage Probat roasters, we are able to take into account batch-by-batch variables that can affect the outcome and the quality. This approach also ensures that our coffees are always consistent, one of the most important criteria for your personal coffee enjoyment.

Our quest is to continually source, roast, and deliver the finest coffee you need to make your own perfect cup.

What, for you, makes the perfect cup of coffee? Answer in the comments below!


We source outstanding coffees from our farmers; we know who they are, and are deeply inspired to honor them. We are driven by excellence and integrity every step of the way. In the end: we want the passion of our farmers, and our passion to craft beautiful, exceptional coffee, to be an experience that is celebrated every time.
Deb TorgetGeneral Manager, Mukilteo Coffee